My wife is suffering from Alzheimers Disease and needs help in all phases of everyday living.She can partially feed herself but requires some help.
     I have had three different organizational groups to assist her in everyday living, bathing, dressing and bathroom necessities as well as preparing for food and eating.
     My present group of Ladies from Gulf Coast Senior Care are by far the best we have contracted to care for my wife. They are very efficient and knowledgable people in all these necessary fields. They work in shifts from 7 am to 3 pm and from 3 pm until 11 pm everyday. There are three ladies involved in these shifts and all do a good, kind and thoughtful job doing these things for my wife! She sleeps well at night after they have seen to all of her comforts making sure that she is not developing "bed sores" by moving her different positions on her air-spring Hospital Bed.
     I believe the Hospital type bed is necessary for proper care or she would require constant changes of position during her time in a conventional bed at night.
     We, Myself and My Children strongly recommend this Organization should you require this kind of help! I would hope and Pray for a cure or prevention of this terrible disease, SOON!!                                         
                                                            Sincerely, Sam S. Rice
Thankfully, our Home Health Agency recommend Gulf Coast Senior Care, owned by Donna Rivera. Teri was assigned as our primary caregiver for the daytime shift, and we began our relationship during the day to day routines of caring for my father in-law. She always performed her duties and provided for his needs in a very caring manner. She recognized his need for companionship and he quickly became very comfortable with their relationship.
 In addition to routine care of grooming, bathing, exercising and feeding, Teri performed wound-dressing changes on a daily basis. She took the resonsibility for giving daily medicines, and providing proper dietary needs, monitoring supplies.  
I highly recommend her as an experienced, caring and qualified home caregiver.  
     Becky Richbourg